Eurocall ' 99
Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France
September 15-18, 1999
Understanding, using and creating web-enabled databases
Wednesday, September 15 from 09:30 to 17:00
Room 27, Propédeutique, 3rd floor


I have handed out a 11-page document which includes two hands-on projects you can work on. The first project includes detailed step-by-step instructions. The second project does not, but the illustrations of the first example apply to the second project as well. There are few features in the first project you do not need to implement during the workshop (the caluclated field that calculates a student's grade, for example), but you may want to think about incorporating such features in future projects.
A functional (yet primitive) implementation of project one can be found here:
-- Use 1111, 1112, or 1113 to search the database.

In addition to the suggestions made in the handouts, you may want to look at the following examples and try to implement one yourself.

Connecting Pen-Pals

Introduction to File Maker Pro Web Publishing

Tips for File Maker Pro and the World Wide Web
Chong-ho Yu

Books you may find useful

Niederst, Jennifer (1999).Web design in a Nutshell. New York, O'Reilly.

Lynch, Patrick & Horton, Sarha (1999).Web Style Guide. New Haven, Yale University Press.

Ashenfelter, John Paul (1999).Choosing a database for your web site. New York, Wiley & Sons.

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