Eurocall ' 99
Université de Franche-Comté, Besançon, France
September 15-18, 1999
Understanding, using and creating web-enabled databases
Wednesday, September 15 from 09:30 to 17:00
Room 27, PropŽdeutique, 3rd floor

Choosing the appropriate tool

Initial Questions

1) What platform do you want to work with?

2) What web server do you (or your ISP) have?

3) Is there legacy data that you want to access?

4) How much data are you planning on including?

5) How many people will access your database ?

Desktop Database Options:
Application Platform SQL ODBC Scaling Options Cost Demo
Access (Microsoft) Win Yes Yes MS-SQL Server $339 No
FoxPro (Microsoft) Win, Mac Yes Yes Unix ODBC drivers $549 No
Filemaker Pro Win, Mac No* No* FileMaker server $200 Yes
Excel (Microsoft) Win, Mac No Yes Convert to Access
FileMaker Pro 4.1 can import other databases using SQL queries through ODBC, but it does not use SQL for query-building or offer ODBC drivers.

Web Database Application Servers:
Application Platform Web Servers Databases Cost Demo
Active server Pages (Microsoft) Win IIS, Personal Web Server ODBC n/a n/a
Cold Fusion (Allaire) Win, Solaris, Linux Apache, IIS, Netscape, O'Reilly ODBC $1295 -$3495 Yes
FMPro Web Companion (FileMaker) Win, Mac built-in, Webstar bulit-in n/a Yes
Lasso (Blueworld) Mac, Win Webstar,  FileMaker $649  Yes
Tango (Everyware) Win, Mac, Unix any ODBC, FileMaker Free? Yes
WebObjects (Apple) Mac, Win any ODBC

Web Servers:
Application Platform Cost
Apache Unix, Win, Mac Free
IIS (Microsoft) Win Free (packaged with Win NT Server)
Netscape Unix, Win
WebStar Mac

Development Tools:
Application Platform Browser Cost Demo App Server Support
FrontPage (Microsoft) PC, Mac IE $150 Yes ASP
Homesite (Allaire) Win IE, Netscape $99 Yes Cold Fusion, ASP
Cold Fusion Studio (Allaire) Win IE 4x $395 Yes Cold Fusion
NetObjects Fusion Win IE, Netscape $300 Yes Cold Fuion, ASP
HomePage (Claris) Win, Mac IE, Netscape $100 Yes FMPro


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by John Paul Ashenfelter Feb. 26, 1999 

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by John Paul Ashenfelter Feb. 26, 1999

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