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Podcasting resources

Zion National ParkYou can easily create podcasts using software that allows you to autmoatically create and upload your podcast, or software that allows you to record digital audio and post your files on your own web hosting server.

Automatic podcast generators

Automatically create and upload your podcasts by using Podomatic, Click Caster, or Odeo.

Non-automatic sources for producing podcasts

Using software that helps you create a podcast that is not autoamtically created and uploaded gives you more control and flexibility.

Web-hosting services

If you choose to go the advanced way in creating your podcast, you'll need some web space on which to host your .mp3 files. These web-hosting services cost, but the cost is fairly reasonable. These are some example services, but there are many more to choose from.

Sotfware/Listening tools (for listening to podcsats)

Podcatchers (software that helps you subscribe to podcasts)

Information about RSS feeds and aggregators

Note: Many of these links and descriptions come from the fantastic TESOL EVO Podcasting in ELT session.

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