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Creating podcasts

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There are two ways to create your own podcast:

1. The easy way by using a automatic podcast-creation program. Simply visit the resources page and check out the links for Podomatic, Clickaster and Odeo. All of these programs allow you to record and upload podcasts in one space-and it's all free!

2. The advanced way which provides you with more flexibility. Simply visit the resources page and check out the links for free digital audio recording software, such as Audacity, software that helps you turn audio files into podcasts, such as BetDirCaster, as well as web hosting services, such as Audio Blog and Dreamhost. Note that you will need to pay for web space it you don't already have it. Keep in mind that if your podcast gets popular, you'll be using more bandwidth. For more information on this, check on the about podcasting links.

Once you've decided which way you'd like to go about creating your podcast, view any of our tutorials and/or download the step-by-step directions and try it out. Have fun!

Tutorials and MS Word Handouts

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