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Podcasting can be thought of as an online, audio broadcast that you can listen to on your PC or your MP3 player. Podcasts can be created for any purpose-entertainment, education- and can run from as little as a few seconds in length to an hour or more, although for educational purposes most people agree that it is best to keep them between 5-10 minutes. While you can choose to listen just to individual shows, podcasts also allow users to subscribe to their podcast. Basically, a podcast consists of two files: an MP3 audio file, and a text file called a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed. The RSS feed allows users to subscribe to a podcast through podcatching software such as Apple’s iTunes or Juice (formerly iPodder).


Podcasting: An overview

Beginners Guide to Podcasting
This article provides an overview about what podcasting is, provides example podcasts, and links to resources for online tools that can be used to create your own podcast.

Podcasting in ELT
English language teacher Graham Stanley provides a nice overview of various types of English language teaching (ELT) podcasts, as well as the equipment needed to produce your own podcast.

How to Podcast - Movie
The hosts of this podcasting tutorial provide a thorough overview of what equipment you need, how to produce, and how to upload your podcast.

Podcasters Wiki
This wiki provides links to a wealth of information on podcasting.

Podcating tutorial (RSS feed)
After you've created your MP3 audio file, you need to distribute it using an RSS feed. This tutorial from FeedForAll provides step-by-step directions, as well as screen shots, to help you get your podcast ready for distribution.
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